Think about how your customers might search for you….


The most common way people look for you is by typing into Google something like “your town your industry”

For example – “Plumbers in Penzance” or “Leighton Locksmiths”

Sometimes they’ll just type “your industry” (eg. “Electricians”) and expect Google to know where they are.

Google then presents them with a list of businesses in Your Area


Some of these search results are Paid Adverts and some are the Organic or natural results

No Stress Websites are designed to list your business as Prominently As Possible in the Organic section.

We also offer a completely Free Management and Copywriting Service for Google Paid Adverts as part of our BOOST package.

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Search Engine Optimisation


The process of getting your business to appear in the Organic Natural results is known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

So, how does SEO work? Well. the first thing to say is that it’s not easy.

We need to be honest with you – it won’t happen overnight.

Getting to the top of google takes a bit of time. There are no guarantees. Google prefers sites that have been around for a few months or years. Think about it. If they gave equal preference to every new website it wouldn’t be fair to those businesses with a proven track record. The longer your website has been active, the more it will rise up google’s rankings.

Every No Stress Website has features that improve Search Engine Optimisation:

We make No Stress Websites Mobile and Tablet friendly

Google have officially stated that they prefer websites that can be viewed easily on mobile phones and tablets.  No Stress Websites adapt perfectly to whatever screen they are displayed on. They even allow customers to click on your phone number and be connected without having to write anything down. Google Love That.

We make your No Stress Website FAST

Google prefer sites that load quickly. A lot of badly designed websites take many seconds to appear. We use the best possible practises to ensure that google (and your customers) will find your No Stress Website quickly.

Key words are embedded in all the technical descriptions of your No Stress Website

These technical descriptions are what the Search engines read in order to understand that you are a business in your town.


In addition, if you opt for our premium BOOST package….

We set you up with a “Google My Business”  Listing.

This is one of the main ways that you will be found. It puts you on google maps and local search results which often end up prominently displayed when people are looking for local businesses.

We submit your No Stress Website to Bing and Yahoo

 Although Google take a massive 85{1a894356128195aebb20901abbf71fbcdb65cf725b393469bbad33d62d3b99aa} of the UK market, we also make sure that you are noticed by the other search engines.

We update your No Stress Website with new material regularly.

The search engines generally prefer websites that have fresh content. Google like to see that your site has been kept updated. We add new content every few months in the form of a blog

To be honest, your customers may never even read the blog pages (as they’re usually in a hurry!), but the objective is to get your No Stress Website towards the top of Google.

 We put videos on your No Stress Website

Google prefer sites that have videos. Nobody knows why. It might be because they own Youtube. Whatever the reason, it is a good idea to have a few videos on your website.

No Contract

No Set Up Fee

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Google Adwords is an Incredibly Effective form of advertising.

It works so well because it Targets People at the Exact Moment that they are Looking For Your Service.

Using Google Advertising with a No Stress Website can be like Turning On A Tap that provides you with More Customers.

You only ever pay Google any money when somebody actually clicks on your advert (that’s why it’s called Pay Per Click or PPC). The Adwords system works like an auction and each click usually costs around £1 to £3.

For some tradespeople businesses a single click might produce thousands of pounds of business so Google Advertising is usually fantastic value.

The only problem is that Adwords is actually quite complicated to set up in a way that is profitable for your business. It is possible to waste your entire budget on search terms that do not benefit you. For example, if you were an electrician you might think that anybody typing the word “electrician” or “electrical” would be a potential lead. However, some people might enter “Electrician Jobs” or “Electrician Career”  or “Free Electrical Advice”.

You can waste a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing That’s why many people have tried Adwords and claim it doesn’t work!

We have years of experience buying Google Adwords. We have perfected a unique method that Generates Enquiries for small self employed businesses.

We select the correct keywords, Write the advert and send people to a website that clearly shows what you do.

This means that Every Penny you spend on advertising will be directed to people in Your Area that are Actively Seeking Your Service.

When You sign up to our BOOST package you have the option to receive:

FREE Copywriting – We can write adverts that get people to click on your website

FREE Adwords Management – We can select the right keyword and bidding strategy to maximise the return on your advertising investment.

No Contract

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