Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost?

There is No Upfront Fee.Our websites cost £19.99 Per Month for the BASIC package and £29.99 per month for the BOOST package. NO VAT Will Be Added. EVERYTHING is included in the monthly fee.

What if I Don't Like My Website?

We won’t take any payment until you’ve seen a sample of your website and confirmed you’re happy with everything.

If we can’t make you a website that you are happy with then you will never pay a penny.

What if I Want To Cancel?

You can Cancel at anytime by emailing us or alternatively you can just cancel the direct debit with your bank.

How Do You Take Payments?

Our payments are processed through Go Cardless –  a company that also work for Virgin, The Financial Times and even HM Government. We take payments via Direct Debit. This means you are automatically protected by your bank’s Direct Debit Guarantee scheme. 

Can I get an email address with my website?

We don’t offer emails with our websites. However, you can easily get an email address utilising your website’s name (eg. from gmail and other providers.

Most of our customers already have well established email addresses that they don’t want to change.

We keep our costs low so that we can provide you with brilliant websites at low prices. Unfortunately, emails come with a lot of privacy and security issues which make them very time consuming and expensive to run.

The best email providers like Gmail and Hotmail do a fantastic job and we don’t want to compete with them.

Can I have my own logo or images?

Yes no problem.

But don’t need to worry if you haven’t got any photos. We will provide our own high quality completely images completely free of charge.

Will I be able to change or update my website in the future?

Yes! We want you to stay as our customer for a number of years.

That means we will always try to accommodate any changes you ask for. When you start offering a new service or have some news you’re particularly proud to share, we’ll always be happy to update your No Stress Website accordingly.

What if I've already got a domain name?

No problem. Just let us know when you apply and we’ll tell you how to transfer it to us. You (or your current provider) will need to have access to the Domain Name Registrar.

Do I have to choose a Domain Name?

If you would rather we just choose a domain name for you (based on your business name) then that’s fine. But If you do want to choose your own then that’s also fine. It’s your choice.

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